Sunday, July 31, 2016

Who But Us?

There are still people trolling us, even now. The new goal is to wear us down, like nagging mothers. And the volume is only going to go up.
Tune it out. remember all the important things on Bernie's platform. Remember Bernie - no one thought he had a ghost of a chance in the beginning. Same now with Jill. Maybe too many people HAVE fallen away, but who will tell us the truth of that? I think, if we vote as a block, we win. Together with the many independents who were not allowed a voice in the primaries... We are the big block if we vote that way.
Does the climate still warm? Look at the unrest that has brought on in the middle east and from there much of the world. And this is just the start. When Global warming really gets cooking you will wish you had a hobbit-hole, safe from the super tornadoes and hurricanes and unbearable heat. And all the displaced people... coastal people, people from the tropics, people from war torn lands. Lots of us are going to wish for Trumps wall soon enough - though I would rather we share open heartedly.
And will Hillary do anything to stop this? I don't believe so.
And what about our incarcerated citizens? 15% of the folks rotting in jail, making "Made in America" products for sweatshop pennies, are innocent, poor folk. Who will stand up for them if not us?
What about the kids crushed with school debt? And the kids trapped in low wage jobs because they don't want the debt?
TPP? Skyrocketing health costs? Mandatory health insurance?Living wages?
Does anyone believe Hillary will address income inequality? Make her pals pay even a bit more?
Do black lives not matter now? Last time she spoke freely about black communities she spouted 'super predator' rhetoric. She is a dominatrix and force of one sort or another is her m.o.
And what about peace? Bernie may have been beaten (figuratively or literally) into submission, but they can't beat all of us. Hillary the war hawk will not give us peace.
I know it is easier to forgive and forget, and it even seems a little noble, until you remember all the important issues that need change NOW.

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