Monday, July 25, 2016

So, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will finally be stepping down as DNC chair, and stepping into the arms of the Clinton machine. Her mission accomplished, now a reward. Well good. DWS has been an albatross around the neck of the DNC for far too long. Some would even say she has destroyed the party. Let her be Hillary's albatross now. Maybe she will bring down that beastie. I can hope.

But there is so much more to be read from this, without even doing much speculating.

For starters, Hillary is once again sending the worst message possible by rescuing DWS.

Millions of people sent money to the Sanders campaign. Millions of $$. Money they might have sent to Jill Stein, whose platform is virtually identical to Bernie's. Money they/I certainly could have used better if I/we had known Hillary was the inevitable choice, and Bernie never had a chance. Millions of voters were disenfranchised by Debbie and her minions at the DNC. And many will never forgive, and never forget this arrogant trampling of their rights, their voice in the running of the country. The Democratic party is finished, unless there are  lots of moderate republicans out there who might jump ship because of Trump.

The leaked emails also show the down and dirty tactics they were willing to employ against Bernie Sanders; the characaturization of latinos by DNC message spinners; the support of Union busters. And, weirdly, show them sending money to Trump and his family... WTF???

All these things make a picture of a party moving right, just as Hillary's red arrow showed all us along. They are abandoning the coalition of working class people, feminists, and minorities that made the party great once. Not a perfect party, but fighting the good fight. No more.

It's as if they don't realize how many of us there are.

It's as if they think they are untouchable.

The message Hillary is sending by rescuing DWS is not the message she thinks we will get. She thinks we will see mama bear rescuing poor, little, picked-on Debbie. We will see this because we are dumb, "sheeple" they called us. Her real message is to her class of folks. She thinks they are the only one's bright enough to see her message: I take care of the people who do me favors.

And she does, to a point no doubt. I also don't doubt she would toss Deb under the bus to save her own butt, if circumstances demanded. Actually, this circumstance sort of demands it. And Hillary doesn't see that. What DWS did was serious. In a just world she would be doing jail time for this, and she still might. But Hillary, in her arrogance, thinks the crime was so piddling an offense that it doesn't compromise her own morality to champion Debbie.

The other alternative is that DWS has something on Hillary, and a little blackmail is involved. Something like... Hillary was at the top of this whole DNC scandal? Hillary didn't really beat Bernie Sanders - the vote was 'adjusted'? We may never know, but smart people can guess. And, my guess is it was a little of all this, Hillary's arrogance. Hillary's off beat moral compass, and Hillary's culpability.

Well... we should all have gone green from the first hint of global warming I guess. That would have been a sensible response. So now is a good time to remedy that error.

Well. The weather is hot. A spider made a web in my front doorway last night. And my garden needs weeding badly, but I am not yet well enough to manage that - sciatica :P  Looking forward to a Kefir shake for breakfast, and identifying the new weed I found in my back yard yesterday. Have a nice one.

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