Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hey guys, are you sheeple?

This email was from DNC deputy communications director Eric Walker, addressed to DNC state staffers: “If the NY DNC and Iowa DNC ensures Hillary wins both states, it won’t matter in the long run even if Bernie supporters see ballot boxes stuffed before their eyes. Bernie bots have the attention span of a snail, and the memory of a small child. By November they’ll forget what was done and vote for Hillary like the sheeple they are.”

And how exactly was the DNC going to "ensure" Hillary won NY and Iowa?

We know the DNC colluded with state democratic parties on funding (read: money laundering). We know how badly the Nevada state Dems behaved. And in State after state we saw hindrances in the voting process, or counting, or some technicality that favored Hillary over Bernie, usually by just enough to not look too suspicious. Was there any state where the vote went smoothly? I don't know of any. Maybe in the beginning, or a small state, or a known Hillary-state.

So yeah, I believed the vote was rigged, and then the wikileaks news confirmed that. What I don't understand is why my progressive media outlets are not all over this. TYT? The Ring of Fire Network? Are you guys so financially comfortable that you don't realize how Bernie supporters scraped the bottoms of their wallets to finance his campaign? People who didn't have the money to give, found a way to give anyway. People phone banked away hours of their lives. People pleaded with their state Democratic parties to be fair, to give our movement a chance. We poured our hearts and souls into this campaign, and now know it was futile from the start.

And why did they do this? Because Bernie could have won. They stole that from us, our children, the planet, and Bernie.

If the DNC had honestly said, sorry guys, we think you are a bunch of losers and we want some of that corporate honey, we could have planned accordingly. Guess that would have been strategically unwise.

For all these reasons I carry a deep resentment toward the DNC and all the state dems who conspired with them.

I am not a peaceful person. Perhaps my folks house had lead paint. Perhaps I never accepted that thing the Debbie Downers of the world like to clobber kids with: "life isn't fair". Perhaps ego... spoiled. I just am not a person who, when slapped immediately turns the other cheek. I think certain behavior is so outrageous that it warrants anger, and maybe a slap back.

If  it is just me effected I can usually shrug off an injustice. But mess with my kids, my family, or any downtrodden person or group and I want justice. So I am not a complete asshole. Why do people who have so many of life's blessings hoarded away in their many mansions find it necessary to keep taking more. Why do they have to take more and more, from the peace loving people who are satisfied with life's few simple pleasures? A walk in the woods. A day at the beach. A beer with friends. Enough is never enough for these people, these 1%ers, because they are driven by ego, and everyone of them wants to be number one. World Empress/Emperor over a world full of miserable slaves. That might vindicate their ego, or not.

Now these creep insist I MUST vote for Hillary. HAH! You must be crazy. Hillary, and the whole lot of her bitch cronies can go fuck themselves.

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